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Professional web site design
Professional web site design


In the past 15 years we have witnessed a major website design revolution that has come a long way. The ever so popular tables have come to the end. They are no longer a prefered way to layout a web site. Although there is still thousands of table-made websites on the world wide web, browsers are more often reading tables incorectly or not even reading them. It is better to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Not only that CSS has become the ultimate choice in web-creation but it also makes fonts and colours change easy and quick on all pages. Modifying the code to fit your web page dimensions is easy. Things such as colors, heights and widths will be different based on your own set up. It is suggested that you backup copy of your original files before modifying a style sheet versus building from scratch.

Here are some of the CSS web design advantages:

- The CSS websites load faster
- It is more efficient and less expensive to redesign and revamp a site with CSS
- The CSS websites are more accessible for everyone
- It is easier to keep the same look throughout the website
- They provide you with better search engine results

NRJ Design will be more than happy to build your custom CSS website.

View our portfolio to see some custom web page design examples of give us a call to get an analysis.