NRJ Design Glossary


Stylesheets are a concept taken from the world of print, creating a way to separate the form from the structure of a document. In your newspaper publishing enterprise, you might use stylesheets to set the headlines and body copy. If you've created a stylesheet for the sports section, for example, you could simply invoke the style "sports" and easily refer the typesetters to the stylesheet for a section that has not only headlines and body copy, but also small type for statistics. In 1996, stylesheets appeared as a way to enhance HTML's limited visual design capabilities. Also known as cascading stylesheets (CSS), CSS became a simple mechanism for controlling the style of a Web document without compromising its structure. By separating visual design elements (fonts, colors, margins, etc.) from the structural logic of a Web page, CSS gave Web designers the control they craved without sacrificing the integrity of the data.