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Quality web related resources

They say the best things in life are free - well, one thing for sure is that the Web offers a host of free resources, informational and valuable sites for your website business or daily Internet browsing. And we have some good ones here:

Free website design from CreateAFreeWebsite.net. Create a website using free website builder, tools, tutorials and accessories. Choose from 10 great website builders you can use to create your own website for Business or Personal use.

Free Email from Juno, and MSN. Get Microsoft's Hotmail absolutely free. 250 MB of free storage, great tools and better than ever. With Juno, you don't even need an Internet provider to use their email - all you need is a computer, a modem, and their FREE software. Great for family members who want email but don't want to pay for Internet access.

Free Email Address from Bigfoot communications. They give you your own lifetime email address FOR FREE. They include many email filtering and reflection services. Click this link now, and get an email address that will last you for life.

For free browsers, you can choose between Netscape, Firefox, or get Microsoft's IE.

Free Graphics Software - Try JASC's latest version of their free trial graphic software, Pain Shop Pro 9lets you try out Paint Shop Pro FOR FREE. This excellent graphics package for Windows can do everything you need, including GIF and JPEG images for the Web.

Free Sound Files from FindSounds.com. A free site where you can search the Web for sound effects and musical instrument samples. Take a look at the types of sounds you can find.

Creating your own Flash website is peanuts using Free Flash Templates from Easy Templates They offer you the easiest way imaginable to design and create Flash websites. You don't need to know Flash or HTML to construct your web pages, just enter your content in a text file, replacing the text and colors with your own colors.

This simple-to-use Flash software tool lets you create absolutely stunning Flash animations and Flash buttons in just seconds.

WebDesignHelper.co.uk - Web Templates, Vertical & Horizontal Menus and Flash. Tutorials, Graphics and java plus so much more.