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What is Search Engine ranking or optimization?

Search engine ranking consists of ranking your website in search engine results so as to be seen by Internet users by occupying high positions within the results of a search engine query, or search.

Why would I want to market my product(s)/service(s) on Internet search engines?

Current internet statistics show that over 300 million unique searches are conducted on Web every day. With approximately 85% of those internet users conducting their researches via search engines, many companies have capitalized on the opportunity of exposing their services to the million of users on the web by investing in search engine ranking campaigns.

No matter how good your product or service is, if your website cannot be found, you will undoubtedly miss out if you are not positioned within the top results in the major search engines.

What makes search engine ranking effective?

Search engine ranking is only effective and beneficial when done by a knowlegeable and professional SEO Firm, and by using widely accepted search engine ranking techniques.

The first an most important step to any ranking or optimization project is locating the most pertinent, and highly-used keyword or keyword phrases for your product and/or services. Once this has been accurately done, the next step is building link popularity and perfoming on-site optimization with respect to the keywords for your website.

Search engine algorithms are in constant evolution and change. Most search engines focus on developing their algorithms on a routine basis, in an effort to provide the most relevant results to its users. Therefore, having the knowledge and skill to understand these search engine changes is another crucial aspect in search engine ranking.

My company is already investing in sponsored links/pay-per-click ads on the Internet, why would optimization be more beneficial?

Many companies utilize pay-per-click as their marketing solution for their product(s) and service(s) because they’re easier to implement and effective almost immediately. However, we understand the value of laying a solid foundation and the long-term benefits of search engine ranking services:

1. Fixed cost vs. fluctuating costs: pay-per-click advertising can drastically increase your cost, whereas SEO is fixed.
2. Long-term placement as a ranked website vs. unstable advertising: ppc or general advertising is only present as long as there is money invested on a continuous basis, whereby professional search engine ranking assures stable positioning on a long-term basis.
3. A proven, drastically higher click-through rate for natural rankings vs. pay-per-click listings, and a much greater return on investment.

What kind of traffic can I expect to see from both methods, and which one has the best ROI (return on investment)?

If your pay-per-click ad is eye catching you can expect it to receive 2-5% of query searches done for a particular keyword. Pay-per-click costs depend on the amount of searches a keyword generates. Most companies invest hundred to thousands of dollars per month on search engine ads, which can be as expensive as $5.00 per click.

On the other hand, a strategically ranked website can easily double to triple the amount of traffic you can be getting from any other internet advertisement – fact. You can be getting a click-through rate as high as 90%, or more. The return you will benefit from a well-ranked website can far surpass the investment this service requires.

How much can I expect to pay for search engine ranking services?

Professional Search engine ranking can be costly. Most firms offer plans in the 5-digit range. Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, search engine ranking is a complex and arduous task – but our phlosophy is that you should have to invest a large sum to yield a return for your investement.

A professional search engine ranking company nows how to work with your budget restraints, and how to build from it.

It is important to keep in mind that every project is unique, and depending on the size and difficulty of every project, the cost will differ. We nonetheless pride ourselves in offering competitive prices for our search engine ranking services, and delivering a highly competitive keyword campaign for a relatively small investment.

How do I find the best firm for my company?

The best way to find a search engine ranking company is by doing a search within Google for search engine ranking company .

Search Engine Ranking Guidelines

Are you looking to start your own optimization or search engine ranking program for your website?

Here are a few search engine ranking guidelines to help you get a good start.

You can also visit Bruce Clay's website, one of the top SEO professionals in the field. He has a full step by step webpage on how to go about performing search engine ranking for your company's website.

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