Search Engine Ranking Service

• Our Competitive Edge

At NRJ Design, we understand very well the concept of driving in business, and that the necessary investment to make it happen can sometimes be demanding.

That is why we offer effective search engine ranking services tailored for your business needs, which will generate fruitful results for your company regardless of the size of your investment.

• Our Guarantee

Unfortunately, no SEO firm can guarantee a first position in the search engine rankings - it is, bluntly, impossible.

Our search engine ranking service consist first and foremost of finding the "niche" keyword for your product and/or service, and exploiting that so that we achieve top rankings for you - and we can guarantee that we will achieve a ranking within the top 20 results amongst the major search engines, for selected keywords.

If we do not achieve this within the estimated time of the campaign, we commit to work for free until we have fulfilled our guarantee. Our goal remains to rank your website within the top 3 results in the search engines.

• Streamlining

We conduct our analyses with respect to your target audience and your marketing goals, so that our SEO services strategically positions your website on the frontline of those who are specifically looking for your products and services. We believe that optimal business consists first and foremost of understanding your professional objectives and delivering the search engine ranking service your website needs.

• Lasting Impression

One of the main advantages of our service is that once your full investment has been made, you do not have to invest a single penny more to maintain your site’s ranking. In other words, the procedures we use to optimize your website insures that you continue to benefit from our service even after your contract has ended and is operating successfully and independently from our support.

• ROI ( Return on investment )

Our search engine ranking company has the know-how to offer a customized search engine ranking plan to suit all company sizes and conjugate it to the size of your budget. Here is an overview of the many possibilities our search engine positioning can offer:

• Greatly increased traffic to your website
• Higher click-through rate
• Streamlined customers
• Higher sales & profits
• Long-term rankings
• One-time investment
• Expert & reliable customer support

Based on success-proven techniques, our search engine ranking service focuses on locating keywords that are frequently used in searches so as to generate as much traffic as possible. The result: a greatly increased traffic rate and higher return on investment.

Many SEO firms offer search engine ranking plans that include a large list of keyword phrases. They are most commonly low traffic keywords, and are not likely to generate a significant return on investment. This is usually an alternate solution to ranking a website under more difficult keywords.

• Our Search Engine Ranking Expertise & Reliability

Our specialists combine several years of experience in search engine ranking, with over 6 years of internet servicing to offer the best e-solution package to your company. Our expertise gives us an edge over most SEO firms who specialize only in search engine optimization and ranking.

If you are currently investing in other internet advertising on a monthly or yearly basis, this means that you can invest in an optimization plan for your business, and capitalize on a much more beneficial marketing tool for your company.


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