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Website Design Tips For Superior Web Design

For every website design, there are plus and minuses. Unfortunately, some designs will be meddled  with and create an unappealing look, which will eventually translate into customers lost. Following the points laid out here will help ensure that your website design will turn out to be above the average and gain an edge over your online competion:

1. Avoid cluterring your webpage with banners and affiliate program ads. Actually, stay away from them completely if possible. These banners can make you look like a "newbie" website or kill away the professional look your site has. It is usualy not worth it when your site is young or just starting anyways since your traffic is low or inexistant. So, keep your website's design free of banners and ads.

2 Hire a good proof reader, or double check for yourself everywhere on your website for grammar errors or poor spelling. It is usualy recommended to get several individuals to read pages, as often one will find something that others won't. Proof read the whole site. Poor grammar and spelling is a manifestation of being unprofessional. If you can not pay attention to small things like that then how can the potential customers know that you can make a product or service great? Always have some rounds of spell check and have someone proof read the site. That way you can be assured of its content quality.

3. Choose graphics that will exude your business identity. Avoid employing clip-art type graphics. Learn to make your own graphics, by getting your hands on Adobe Photoshop. However, if you are short on money, Macromedia's Fireworks is a good alternative.

4.Make sure your content is focused on describing your product and forget about yourself! Your visitors are not interested in hearing about you - they want to hear about your products or services and how you can help them. Therefore is it important to focus on the functionality of your website. This will help convert your visitors into customers.

5. Make sure you maintain a consistent design throughout your website.  Inconsistent designs, website backgrounds and navigation systems can make visitors feel lost. If your web pages do not look or follow a certain design, this can leave your customers feeling as though they left your site, when actually they are simply on another one of your pages. To insure that these do not occur, utilize a consistent website design.

6.Make sure your font sizes are not too big or too small and can be read easily. The content fonts should not exceed size fourteen and should not go down lower than size twelve. Large fonts looks cheap, and unprofessional as well as give a site look clumbsy. Using gigantic fonts is on of the biggest indicators of an inexperiences designer.

7. Use small images. Use images that are small in file size. To do this, you can compress your images to a more reasonable size.

8. Stay away from excessive backgrounds. If you do not know what background to choose, stick with a plain one and blend it with a well contrasting text. The result will be an easy to read website.

9. Make sure your site is clean and user friendly. Try to keep the navigation as simple as possible and insure you are linking to your home page from every internal and sub page. Try to give it as much life as possible and bot boring with nice blends of colors and quality pictures. Don’t scare your visitors away with a crowded and messy website with neon colored texts. If that’s your kind of website, then I beg you to change it.

10. Make sure to check how your site looks in various browsers. All web browsers interpret code differently, and some may display the page perfectly. However, your site can also look aweful on some thus, to be safe check with different browsers to test the compatibility. Most used browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape. Also be sure to view your site on a Mac if you have access to one.







website design